Hi folks,

As a long-time NewTek owner, it kills me to do this, but we're not using this gear enough to justify its price, and so it'd be better off in another home. We bought this package used, but it's in terrific condition (one minor scratch on the top of the unit) and perfect working order (just did an HD show with it in January), in its original packaging, with the NewTek registrations in easily-transferrable shape.

Package includes:

- TCXD850 - software upgraded to Rev. 3 -- have not put Rev. 4b on it, although I can do that if buyer would like
- TCXD850CS - Control Surface
- Virtual Set Editor for TriCaster TCXD series

NewTek list price on all the individual pieces together is $31,000. I will, with great sadness, let it go for much less than that. Happy to answer questions here, but contact me offlist for further discussion. Thanks.

Steve Clay
Bullpen Media/D3Cast
[email protected]