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    Forum Users Unite

    This is to help better assist the many new and old users that come to the forums looking for help and information.

    Please edit your Signature line in your forum Control Panel and add in as much information as possible about your TriCaster setup. This information would greatly help assist people that want to help you. NewTek has enough going on right now with the normal website updating. Let us Users unite and help NewTek by taking this request off their list and just handle it ourselves.

    In my opinion the following are the 3 most important bits of information most requested:
    1. The most important is of course your most used model of Tricaster. Or if you have room, list all of them you have.

    2nd bit of important information should be your most used cameras

    3rd bit of information should be cable solution used

    Now there is a 200 character limit in the signature that doesn't look like it can be changed anytime soon. So you will need to keep it within that limit.

    You can look at my signature below to see what I ended up with.
    Below is what I wanted to put in.
    Jef Kethley

    I make stuff work.... see examples here...

    Common Gear Used:
    TriCaster: All
    Cameras: Panasonic HPX370 and JVC 790
    UPS: APC Smart-UPS 1500VA
    Cable Solution: Tac2 Fiber/PIZAZZ ATEM Convertors

    So folks can we help each other help each other??? Can you take the few minutes and update your signature to reflect your most commonly used configuration? Hopefully as more and more users come onboard they will see our pattern and add their information too.
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    Jef Kethley

    All models of TriCasters + 3Play, IPSeries
    Panasonic UB300 4k cams
    Tactical Fiber/converters, SDI2NDI converters, NDI-Viewfinder, and NDI2HDMI


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