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Thread: Closed Captions/Line 21

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    Closed Captions/Line 21

    Has anyone heard if NewTek is planning on adding Closed Captions/Line 21 support to SpeedEDIT?? I wish they would, Sony Vegas 11 has complete end-to-end closed caption workflow. I love SpeedEDIT, but I desperately need of an Editor that can add Closed Captioning.

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    Can't answer your question specifically but I would try googling a 3rd party post production closed caption editor, then do that step last after you've finished editing in SE. SubTitleWorkshop is pretty interesting, I've used that before and it's easy. There are some good free ones out there, I'm sure.

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    closed caption works with SE. a special videi file is anned to the time line for output to tape.
    This will not be seen when making a dvd as all sync lines are stripped.
    When authoring some programs like Encore can process a different kind of file to be multiplexed in the vob files.
    A program stream for tv can have a file added also.
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