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Thread: 3play 820 Rev2 pixelated replays

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    3play 820 Rev2 pixelated replays

    We were on a fairly big production and we left the 850 and 820 on overnight to save any potential headaches on the following day.

    When play started we noticed that replays from 3 of the 5 cameras were pixelated and as if I had applied an effect to them... but some other cameras were fine. Going out and back in did not help. Only a full windows reboot sorted out the problem.

    If this is a resources isssue could there be a display item showing if the system is struggling in some way ?

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    Sounds familiar. i find rebooting once all cameras are present is prudent. By halftime of a game, ill reboot again. Its the only sure way of smooth replays. interestingly, a 720p session manifests its anomoly as though a sync retrace is lost while a 1080i session artifacts or appears to drop frames. This happens in 820s and 425s. I have a dozen of each. i suspect this has been reported to newtek.


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