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I'm experencing the loss of the conection also. In a live show right now and I have a PPT in an hour an can't make the conection. Had it earlier today now I can't get wireless or nic cable conection. XD850 with every thing updated. Kim
I, too have experienced this last week and prior with an 850 Extreme - just checked the update and it says I am up to date on software. I had scoured the user manual to see if there was some sort of "time out" for NET connections - couldn't find any.

Gigabit ethernet with TC and iVGA on same switch. Sometimes NET1 goes blank and sometimes not. I have had the screen on the laptop running iVGA go blank (as a power saving "feature" that our admins force on most machines) but still feed the Tricaster.

In the case of a blank screen at the TC, re-connecting NET1 got the image back but there was a blank in program until reconnected.

I haven't tested to see how long it takes for the connection to drop, but it seems like it is longer than an hour in most cases.