I know Lightwave 11 is announced to be released soon. But wise by experience I rest my case until itīs fully functional and ready for a sharp purchase order. Until then I let my 9.6 do the job.

A couple of years ago some brilliant waver made a script in a production for a customer that he shared with us. It was about a city that were ripped apart in squares and driven by a plug-in that also were available here at the discussion forum.

Since then I have gone through a divorce from hell, living on the streets during the bad messages from my doctors about my upcoming death. They were all wrong and even if I got my life back itīs a long road of building up my life again.

So if someone remember that thread, plug-in or could assist with a link to it I would be very pleased since I am creating a promo-reel for my martial arts trainer and would add this special effect on a dissappearing planet.