The issue I have been experiencing is when exporting a playlist from inside a session. (from the playlist into the event list) The playlist plays back inside the Output 1 window just fine as it renders. But when the exported playlist is played back as an event inside a 3play session the exported playlist does not playback correctly. The video will playback for a few seconds then stutter or skip a few frames, then continue on playing. It does this within 3play and also does it when exported to various formats onto the desktop and played out through windows media player. The issue seems to arise in the middle of the individual clips which make up the exported playlist (not every clip though). The estimated number of clips being used would be about 20 and length of the playlist being 2 minutes. I have also exported play lists that were roughly the same size and length with no troubles.

If I reduce the amount of clips in the playlist before exporting (around 5 clips and less than a minute) the playback of the exported file within that session is works every time. When I try exporting a longer playlist is when the error occurs.

Anyone experience these issues before? The 3play has only been set up a few weeks and has minimal use so I haven't tried to return to default settings.