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Thread: A big Surprise...

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    A big Surprise...

    I have had some serious issues with my Tricaster 850 Extreme, but NewTek took it back for service and provided a loaner to use in the mean time. Here is where the surprise came in. When I got the replacement loaner, the latch on the front cover was gone, or at least the insides were gone. I found several of the washer and parts in the bottom of the box and since I needed to put it into service right away, I collected them for a later repair. Time passed the tricaster did its job and when I was repacking it afterwards, I heard the sound of loose parts inside the case. It was then that I realized that parts and other foreign objects can go right inside the case where the fan lives and possibly cause some serious issues. Lucky for me the "floating" metal parts did not go anywhere that caused an issue, but I thought a heads up for 850 owners might be in order. Make sure the bolt on the latch is really tight and give your box a little shake test if you think something might have gone inside. The washers that were inside finally came out the same way they entered....through the fan openings.
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