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Thread: Warhammer 40k Falchion Tank

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    Warhammer 40k Falchion Tank

    Hi Forum!

    Here is my third creation in lightwave, please take a look and let me know how can improve this model. I want to share some of the Issues that I encountered during the modeling process:

    1-Difuculty with the main turret due to lack of geometry (after I did it had to stick with it due to short timeframe). This brought a non-planar surface.

    2-Problems deciding what piece to build(that made me loose time). I know how to approach next project.

    3-Made some parts the hard way instead of using maybe another tool or techniques (again waste of time).

    Besides that this project was very fun to do, If I really used all the tools and techniques our amazing professor is teaching us I bet this would be much much better but I'm a bit slow.

    Thank you for watching, comments are welcome!.
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    Not very constructive, but I think it looks great. Your textures need some love, but I'm guessing that wasn't part of the assignment.

    Same as with the other compositing efforts posted, the compositing shadow needs some work. Try and match the shadows of the trees behind it. It's not so obvious with yours since the shadows are minimal in the background.

    Listen very closely to your professors and spend as much time with them as you can. I envy your opportunity to go to the DAVE school. I've been learning LW for 18+ years as a hobby and you'll be better than me in your first month there I bet.


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    I think the tank in the composite needs to be brighter. It look darker than the background. It looks like the trees have no shadows noticable, so I would think the sun is at 12:00 or pointing almost straight down. Try to use a fill light for the left side of the tank in order to get rid of the shadow there. But besides the lighting, once its textured and has some wear and tear it will look alot better.

    If you really want to get detailed, UV map it, and add details like dirt and scratches. Heres a nice tutorial on how to get started.

    The model itself is great!
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    I retract my post, I believe that I was commenting on your reference photos, sorry, nothing new to see, please don't look here, nothing to see. I wish I saw a delete button, nice tank by the way, think you should change the bolts to a separate surface and add specular highlights using a cellshader if such a thing is possible.
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    mcotner thanks for the comments, I'm doing my best to absorb the most I can in the school, it was not an easy task to start school funds wise, so defintely I'm not loosing any second. About the comp there are a couple of shadows behind the tank but can't see them since I had to put the object close to the camera, but yea it could benefit from some twicking on the shadows for sure. Wish you luck and I hope you can get into this school someday, just set the goal in your mind and someday it will happend!

    Skywalker thank you! I'll do that! sweet tutorial, when I get to texturing in a couple of weeks I'll show you the new version.

    Hideous: Good idea for the bolts, but I'm afraid that we haven't learn the cellshader option. Thanks!!!


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