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Thread: Split Screen - 4 Boxes - Help.

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    Perhaps those are part of the "Content" download? Maybe a RESTORE took system back to SE software, then AE was installed but without AE Content?? Just guessing. I hadn't seen them before, but I wasn't really looking either


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    I have tried it and it works perfectly, thank you very much for the contribution, it helped me a lot.

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    BTW, you mentioned you have AE so you should be able to do a multi box layout using Comps. The cool thing is that you can dynamically move those boxes around in real time, for example, to put the "speaker" full screen from the 2x2 layout by initially saving and then recalling the Comps. I do it all the time, although with just a 2x1 layout. Set it up on a M/E and you can cut or transition to the multi box effect. No need for the fixed arrangement of the Helix effects, good as they were.

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