Hello Everybody

I know it's ridiculous to mention something like this, but I donīt know if you have added something like this in the forum and would be great if you could get results like this in OPENGL or VPR.

In LW 11 we could see awesome tools like Instancing, Bullet Phisics, VST, GOZ, Python, VPR Enhacements ....

So there is not a possibility if LW could get an animation viewer in Real Time, something like a Game Engine, like for example in Blender


Recreate an animation viewer in Real Time. I know we have VPR, but at now when we try to animate with the camera or connected devices, we see at now noise in the animation, because I know will need more calculates, like filters, illumination, FX...

But I donīt know if in the future this thing will be appear next versions.

For example if we want to recreate a visual city or a fantastic environment, and see in real time the movements of the water or leafs in trees to move with dynamics and travel with the virtual camera.

I know this thing is a little crazy to explain hahaha and I know sometimes our mind will go far away that we want. But with this new features there is not possible in a future to have something like a game engine or something like blender?