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Thread: Render for [email protected] BLU-RAY DVD

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    Render for [email protected] BLU-RAY DVD

    Video shot with HMC150 Panasonics, [email protected]ne in SpeedEDIT.

    What settings, custom settings do you use to output a rendered legal Blu-ray file for use in ENCORE to produce Blu-ray HD 1280x720 DVD?

    Tried this for settings, also rendering as NTSC HDV and these settings. This one did work; however, produced some strobe type look and jumpy title scroll.

    Anyone have advice?
    Andy Fox

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    Here we go again

    If you read the recent posts on Mpeg2 encoding you will find it's best to render to a nice hi-res file from SE & then use 3rd party app to make Blu-Ray files.

    I'd try rendering an HD SpeedHQ file & see if encore imports it & have it re-encode it.

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