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Thread: Great Time to Revisit Alpha Management

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    Lightbulb Great Time to Revisit Alpha Management

    Since there appears to be development going on for SpeedEdit at this time, kindly revisit SE's Alpha Management.

    In summary, allow for correct importing and interpretation of premultiplied alpha files; or, in layman's terms, "Don't botch the alpha on importing clips."

    This would allow SE to be used as a Compositor. It's actually a very good Compositor, except for the fact it has primitive alpha management...which is a big part of being a Compositor.

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    Very interesting point. One I wasn't aware of but it answers a LOT of questions I had regarding SE's compositing problems I was having with the 'black edges of doom' I've struggled with.


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    That's Right!!

    Those black edges of doom are caused by inadequate handling of premult alphas.

    And, if you're going there, lets all the entire gamut of awesome Photoshop transparency & overlay possibilities - screen overlay, multiply, darken, lighten...

    They're all just mathematical functions of Channel 1 versus Channel 2... really easy to do.

    ESPECIALLY 'SCREEN'. It's the most useful of all the photoshop modes, is juts adds the luminance values of the 2 channels (Ch 1 + Ch 2) which is like 2 slide projectors showing on the same screen. It's really awesome and it's always been a need it want it gotta have it for me.


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