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Thread: Mpeg to QT

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    Mpeg to QT

    Once I'm done with a SD Live show I grab the Raw Mpeg File and move it to a formatted EX Fat drive (to accomadate the file size of 4gb or greater).

    Then move it to a IMac I7.
    (I just purchased Compressor 4... also have Mpegstreamclip).

    Has anyone tried using C4 or MpegStreamclip?

    I have experimented with these converters and have not found the quality I'm looking for.

    I would like to edit on FCP...FCX or even Imovie.

    Any settings working for you....please share.
    William Bradley
    Studio Mgr.
    NEMC TV 6

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    There is an script that someone here wrote that re-wraps and converts the file for Final Cut. If you can't find it by doing a search, post your email and I'll send it to you. --Bob

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    I love FCP but it just will in my opinion never get you to where you need to be in dealing with Tricaster media. I switched to Adobe Premier and life has been much much better...

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