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Thread: Best way to create collision meshes.

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    Best way to create collision meshes.

    I am working with fairly detailed large scale models ~6,000-10,000 polys for use in gaming. I need to create accurate collision meshes for buildings and such so that characters can not walk through walls...etc... The problem is that if I simply copy the model meshes and use it as a collision mesh it kills the game engine (Torque) because of the complexity of calculation with such high count collision meshes, and if I use QEMLOSS to lower the poly count, the engine does not crash, but the model will not be fully covered by the mesh => charaters can walk through random walls.

    Does any one have any sugestions on this? Any help is appreciated.

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    colision = IMPACT ROX

    Do you try to use MDmetaplug and MDSCAN. I never did use, but I heard very good stuffs about it for calculate colisions and replace your model after calculed.

    excuse my english.

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    Doesn't the Torque engine have a poly limit for collisions?

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    Volter >>> Thanks, I will look into those.

    WizCracker >>> No, Torque does not have a poly limit in the true sense, but it does as far as performance... it has been suggested to stay below 32 polys per mesh... but I thin that that is 32 rendered/calculated polys, so something this large if done right could have quite a bit more.


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