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Thread: Jittery DVD playback

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    Jittery DVD playback

    This program (SE 1.5) is going to haunt me with problems down to the very last day I use it. I taped a relative's wedding (free, of course) and shot it on my Panasonic TRV-900 (Mini DV). I edited the entire thing in SE and when I burned to DVD, it is totally uinwatchable and jittery. It is as if the field order is incorrect. As far as I know, DV is lower field first. I save the project as an avi. I opened that in tmpgenc and chose lower field first two pass VBR ranging from 4000 - 8000 averaging 7000. Render to mp2. Open in Encore CS5, which insists on transcoding it (have it set to automatic). I am lost here. I know the toaster used upper filed first but is there anything odd about SE's dv processing. Come to think of it, a lot of my DVDs that had any SE dv footage is choppy. Any help would be appreciated. Happy Thanksgiving. Mine is ruined over this because I planned on bringing this dvd to the couple today and now I am empty handed.

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    mpeg for dvd is upper field first.
    many variables in tempgenc to use today

    easy way... just put the avi in encore cs5 and it will encode just fine.
    you will even have a wide choice of menus for weddings.
    good luck
    Pete Draves
    CV Productions
    Oak Creek, WI
    [email protected]

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    Wow. Somehow I knew you would be responding to this post since you are the expert. It is an avi wrapper, right? Encore 5 will not recognize that, will it? If not, must I render to avi first? If so, doesnt that lose a step of quality?

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    render avi.
    too many newtek bugs in wrapper.
    make sure dolby ac3 is selected in encore.

    Depending what you use, the field order may be wrong in the wrapper.

    no quality loss with avi.
    I use dv type 2
    any problems call 414 570 0116

    Pete Draves
    CV Productions
    Oak Creek, WI
    [email protected]

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    I did as you said and used one of the Encore menus. I always create my own but since this was a freebee, I decided to use what was already there. Do you know how to replace button pics so they are the same size? I am using the Ribbon wedding theme and the submenus have four thumbnails on each page of a limo. I want to change each (I have total of 8) with a different still from the wedding. My problem is that I cannot get the same shaped or sized pic to replace the limo. It is square shaped except the corners are not square. How do I get a picture to take that shape in photoshop? Am I supposed to leave the limo pic there?

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    poster frame

    Highlite the chapter associated for the button in the menu.

    Put cursor on timeline to the desired pix on monitor.

    The dropdown menu for the timeline chapterpoint will have a set poster selection, select this and a squarish marker will appear on the timeline and the pix in the menue will change. you can drag this around.

    There are codes in photoshop to make the poster either still or motion.

    Yes you can copy buttons fron premade menus and drag them to your own menu systems.

    I hope this helps.

    Pete Draves
    CV Productions
    Oak Creek, WI
    [email protected]

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    I am going to try that later. Is that what Poster is for? I never knew why it was there. That would be great. I'll report back later.`

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    and with a different code on the surface of the button in Photoshop the video will play for a few seconds and repeat from the poster.

    A hint:
    Cut a hole in the background image using psd format and position a custom video to show thru.
    You can also use a video with the button names animated with LW, the actual buttons are in overlay in the menu structure.

    Happy thanksgiving

    Pete Draves
    CV Productions
    Oak Creek, WI
    [email protected]

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    You're not alone. The jittery burns have happened to me in the past, too. Have you tried just changing the field order to "upper first" in the initial TMPGE window? Call me nuts, but I think TMPGE automatically senses which field to use when it imports AVIs; any time I have manually adjusted it (to what I think it should be), it looks jittery. In fact, I have burned both fields successfully to DVD, just never narrowed down why the field order has randomly changed on me. Could it be that when you started your SE project, you set it to 486 and not 480? It could easily be overlooked or incorrectly set, and I never know if that has been the culprit all along.

    Otherwise, SE project -> SPEED HQ 422 avi render-> TMPGE MPEG2 encode-> LG PowerProducer (comes with Blu-Ray internal burner) works good for me. Good Luck.
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    I did change the field order to upper first and it did the same thing. I will look at the 486 line thing when I get home. I dont think I did that because I use the same preset each time but who knows. WHen things start screwing up, I start getting sloppy and frustrated.

    I took Peter's suggestion and rendered out to AVI DV Type II and it looked great. He swears by the ENcore transcoding and think he is right.


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