View Poll Results: What is your primary use of Lightwave

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  • Character Animation

    59 18.67%
  • Architecture visualization

    50 15.82%
  • Modeling for use in other packages

    12 3.80%
  • Print/advertising/desktop publishing/

    43 13.61%
  • Product Design

    13 4.11%
  • Video Games

    32 10.13%
  • Not sure/Haven't decided yet.

    29 9.18%
  • Broadcast Graphics

    44 13.92%
  • Visual Effects

    34 10.76%
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Thread: What do you use LW for?

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    What do you use LW for?

    Just curious. In the old forum, I remember having a discussion about how important features were based on what people used LW for. I thought I would take a poll to see. For instance, some people didn't care if they added more character tools since they didn't use them anyway, whereas I thought most people used them.

    This is only for curiosity, and reflects no future change or direction LW is heading in, but discussion is welcome.

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    Architecture visualization, Mechanical Viz Product Development

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    Worms no more! Free fun! Dodgy's Avatar
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    Well, I make games, but in order to do that, I have to character animate, model and texture, and do pretty much all the stuff in your list. I have to say, i wouldn't mind the opengl features boosted a bit to show more stuff in real time...

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    I guess what I was curious about was your PRIMARY use for LW. The reason I use lightwave is ultimately for character animation but that also means I model, texture, etc... So I guess your main reason for using LW is games.

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    Heh! No "all of the above"? One day I'm character animating, the next I'm doing architectural visualization then maybe logo animation - such is the life of a freelancer....
    "Special power!"

    Andrew G. Morgan ~ CG Gunslinger
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    CORE 5718 mattclary's Avatar
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    I don't quite fit. Hobbyist who mainly creates stills for self gratification.

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    I guess I should have added, "whatever the hell work comes along".

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    well, im a rookie still learing what i can do, and what LW can do. so although i am doing some game work at the moment, i still practice all the other things too!


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    defense engineering visualization =]
    Chris Moschella

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    Between the eyes and ears there lie the sounds of color and the light of a sigh.

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    Well, I voted undecided. I bought it initially because I wanted to work on some Anime style cartoon short ideas I have but, I'm also pursuing the thought of doing interactive training CD/DVD's using Shockwave.

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    You missed one category - Web/Multimedia.

    This is one I'd be interested in seeing - Why? As far as I know, the only people I've met that seem to want to know about using LightWave with Director/Flash/Web/MMedia have been students and teachers training in the 'New Media' area.

    Most commercial users I've met are using it for TV/Film/Video/Games.

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    Desk ornament

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    Ken Mac

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    For achitecture visualization ... i think that LW is great package to this work ...

    Juan J. Gonzalez

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