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Thread: Amleto Network Renderer

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    Thank you for the quick reply lardbros. Installing Lightwave on a W2008 R2 is an experiment I am doing. I have been having too many problems with stability on Windows 7 that I had installed on a Lenovo TS140 PC. Cannot identify if it is an issue with drivers from Lenovo or a Windows bug? The hardware passed all Hiren tools check.

    W2008 R2 makes a great Desktop and it is snappier than W7. Both OS's share the same kernel but W2008 R2 is more customizable and has less things to break.

    W2008 is obviously missing something Lightwave needs and I don't think it's the C++ libraries, I am yet to find out what it is. I've installed a bluetooth dongle on it (just in case, but that was not the issue), reinstalled all the C++ libraries (C++2005 though 2017, 32 and 64 bit), the latest .NET, enabled and disabled the Firewall. Enabled all multimedia and Desktop features on the server (wireless support, Desktop Experience, Audio Video) and took out all Roles (IIS, etc, etc)

    I get a very decent performance on the W2008 R2 on this box.

    Both Modeler and Layout work fine past the "The program can't start because bthprops.cpl...", but they unable to talk to Hub.exe and see each other. I have not been able to find another thread talking about the bthprop.cpl and Lightwave and W2008 R2.

    All my other software works great on it (Adobe Suite, Blackmagic, ToonBoom). I don't use Blender regularly, but it runs super fast, no issues.

    Not many posts out there with this issue as I imagine not many people use a Server OS as a Desktop.

    Anyway, I'll keep experimenting and if I find a solution to the missing modules I'll post it here. If you happen to find any notes you have archived I will be happy to learn from your experiences.

    In case someone out there needs to remove and reinstall Microsoft C++ libraries here is a good guide with links to each of the libraries - (

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    was trying this out and it works great as a fast, easy setup BUT I cannot get Exr Trader or Shadermeister to work. Any ideas ?

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    I wish that Amleto was still being maintained. It has been released under Apache Open Source, as I understand, and needs a developer to bring it up to speed with the latest version of Lightwave. It is a fine tool, easy on the setup, and "just works", which I appreciate. I am in no way adequate to assist. Best to you on your project. I have been able to get Lightwave to render on my other stations using the Render Node installation on them, and it seems to work adequately, but I have no idea about your question.
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