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Thread: SE 1.5.5 keeps Crashing

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    SE 1.5.5 keeps Crashing

    I have been using SpeedEdit lately for AUdio only file editing.
    The program keeps crashing on me at random points.
    Sometimes it will crash only a few minutes after opening and sometimes
    it will last for a long period.

    I do have old Toaster 5.0 software still on from before I took my
    toaster card out... I am wondering if this could be causing it.

    May have to call Tech support but thought I would post in case
    anyone else had this problem.

    When it crashes a window comes up and says Sorry Speededit
    had an error and must now close. and asked if I want to send a report
    or not.

    Any ideas?

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    Don't really have any idea why SE is crashing Ed, but I have both VT5 with the hardware and one of my SE2.1 seats on my desktop edit system without any problems. I would probably try uninstalling and re-installing SE, although it might be a good idea to remove the VT software first.
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