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Thread: Fades do get color corected

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    Fades do get color corected

    Hi Folks
    In speed edit on tri-caster 300, program stream and imported QT from a camera for fix the switched program stream ( the QT Boggs down the system but its useable) on output as MPG for DVD the cross fades do not pick up the color correction and that makes for a strange flash. What do i need to do to make the cross fades work create my own for each time i split my clip or is there a trick to get the transition to work.
    I see when i go to render it asks me about standard def transitions in a Hi def project and i say no when the question is asked.

    Last is there a multi cam edit tool for speed edit
    EZ dose it, but do it!


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    Multi-cam for speed edit is here and it works fine.
    Chen Pan
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