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Thread: lion osx

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    lion osx

    I loaded Lion osx and Lightwave has stopped working with the following error message:
    "You can't open the application Lightwave because PowerPC applications are no longer supported"
    I'm running a 2.66 GHz Intel Core i7. Prior to Lion it was snow Leopard on the same Mac! What the hell??!!

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    What version of LightWave are you running?


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    lion does not support any more rosetta, the power pc emulator. this means, that probably you are still using the version for power pc? if you are at LW version 9.6, you need to download the free 9.6.1 update (cocoa version) - which in any case will be faster and much more stable than 9.6 on macs. not sure, if any older versions are still supported with lion.

    btw., if you are updating to 9.6.1/10/cocoa, be sure to update all your plugins. you will need UB plugins (file type is not anymore .p but .plugin), and they need to be compiled for cocoa. some older ones have never been ported to that platform.
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