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Thread: Cannot play tricaster files in Adobe Premiere

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    Quote Originally Posted by Houpla View Post
    The 4:2:2 files don't play in QT player either.
    As promised, I re-tested. I recorded two new clips, one as a 4:2:2 Quicktime, the other as 4:2:0. Both played without problems in the Quicktime player on my Mac and in Windows (Windows required the NewTek Quicktime codecs, the Mac did not). Maybe you can provide a little more detail on what exactly is not working for you in this respect so we can figure out what the problem is.
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    I use Premiere CS6. When I import a Tricaster Clip in, it does take Premiere sometime to conform the Clip. I have had some clips take almost an hour to conform before it was ready where I could hear all of the audio and see the video.

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