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    Is there any way to add a "Dip to Color" transition or is the "cross fade" the only available in the software? Maybe Iīm not looking at the interface correctly, but when editing with the Tricaster I can see the tab for transitions, but I canīt find it in SpeedEdit 2.

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    SpeedEDIT's wipes and transitions are found in the DVEs and Effects folders.

    You'll see it in the 'Filebin Tab' of the SE panel's 'Main Tabs'. The tabs are labelled:

    'Storyboard' 'Timeline' 'Spreadsheet' 'Control Tree' 'Filebin'

    If you click on Filebin you'll see more buttons at the bottom of the panel labelled:

    ' + ' ' - ' '{the path to your current folder}' 'Effects' 'DVEs' 'Titles'

    Click DVEs and the panel will display the folders 3D, Blinds, Compress, Curls, Fades, Trajectories and Wipes.

    Click Effects and you'll see the folders Audio Effects, Color Tinting, Patterns, Solid Colors, Titles, Transitions, and Video Effects.

    Double click the Wipes folder (under the DVEs button) or the Transitions folder (under the Effects button) and you'll see all the transitions SE offers (providing they're installed).

    To perform a Dip to Color transition, SE offers many different methods. Off the top of my head I'd probably insert a solid colour and from the 'Solid color' folder between the clips I want to dip, then select all three clips (pre-solid colour clip, the solid colour and the post solid colour clip) then press ALT+F.

    Et viola.

    From this I'd be able to change the fade duration, the solid colour, the solid colour duration or overlay any titles I want to the solid colour and much much more.

    No doubt others here have better and quicker techniques but this'll get you started.

    Hope this helps.


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