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Thread: Tricaster 100

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    Tricaster 100


    We are currently using the original tricaster and I am having a few issues.

    1. When I open the editing tab, and insert a video onto the timeline, about 50% of the time the tricaster will lock up completely.

    2. Using the external monitor out, i have the setting at the HD setting for my monitor which is 1900x something. When I switch it off that setting to another, the entire system slows down, the video inputs start flashing on and off, there is a delay just moving the mouse...

    I have done the reset settings, I have downloaded all updates avaliable for this tricaster. I have tried to do the factory reset during re-boot, but that option is not there.

    Any ideas?


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    Sorry no one has sent a quick response! It's been years since many of us have used an original TriCaster! ( they were sooo cute! )

    As I recall, There's no restore function on the 100. The problems you describe sound like software issues. Give tech support a call. You might have to send the machine in for a drive re-image. (BTW: If you overnight the machine to them, they'll overnight it back, and there's no charge for the service. )

    Bob Anderson


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