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Thread: Lights corrupted/confused with each other?

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    Question Lights corrupted/confused with each other?

    I made a scene with 3 spotlights in LW 10.1 (Lion). But I can’t move any of the lights: they do show as moved in the editor, but when I Render I see the original placement. And when I exit and re-load, my repositioning of the lights is lost. Changes made to light settings are lost too.

    I can Clone a light, and the new light is saved, but I can’t move it either. In fact, when I move it, and reload, some OTHER light has moved, not the one I really moved. Plus the names of the lights (Light 1, Light, Light 3) seem to get randomly swapped around. In addition, sometimes a spotlight won’t show the cone rays, just a little dot in the middle of the light.

    Saving As a new file didn’t help.

    Do I have do abandon this scene, write down all the coordinates and settings and build it up from scratch, or is there a workaround?

    If I have to start over, is there a way to export just my objects and camera to another scene? (Copy and Paste doesn’t seem to work in Layout.)

    Thanks in advance!

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    Now I can’t get anything to work in previously fine 10.1 scenes either: not lights, objects, nor camera. Anything I move/rotate/scale shows just fine in wireframe, but doesn’t render that way. I save and re-open, and all changes are lost despite the new file-modified date. Layout gives no error messages, but is non-functional.

    I’ll try a full re-install, although I’m not sure how to “purge” whatever went wrong.

    EDIT: I uninstalled and re-installed. No help. Even a brand-new created scene doesn’t allow any editing at all. I can create and import things, but can’t move them from their defaults or change their properties. Nothing sticks. I’ll contact support in the morning. Looks like I can forget about this deadline

    EDIT2: It’s just the lights thing, as posted above. Other items failing to move are simply “Auto Key” being turned off (and somehow that change survived the re-install). I never use LW for animation and don’t think about those controls, but I must have clicked that off by accident at some point. The lights taking on each other’s details (and names) is still a mystery, but I can work with a fresh scene and re-do just the lights I think. I’ll sleep when I’m dead

    (Oh, and I found "Load From Scene," to answer my other question above.)
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    When you did your reinstall, did you also get rid of all configs first? Configs could be getting corrupted somehow.

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    Good question. I used the official uninstaller, which you would hope would truly get rid of everything. (Why have an uninstaller otherwise?) But I know nothing about the actual details. Maybe it doesn’t!

    In any case, now that I know the lights issue is just that one scene (the other stuff was Auto Key) I have rebuilt it. So far so good with the rebuild. I’ll keep an eye open for similar behavior to repeat, though.

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