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Thread: Interior Lighting.

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    Interior Lighting.

    Hello, this is my most recent work, i used for lighting, about 15 IES lights and a area light behind the camera. They were rendered in Lightwave 10 and they have not post produccion work. Thanks for your time and I hope your comments.

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    Looks really good Oscar.
    All I'd suggest is trying to lose the hotspots from the IES at the back and put some reflection blurring on those colums.

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    Thanks Iain, i´m making a new renders with more accesories in the showcase and i will fix the hotspots.

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    The red dress looks like foil or metal to me. It's part bump map and part surfacing issues. Too much spec or something.

    I'd agree with the hotspots. Are you working in 10.1 with a linear workflow? That may help it look way more realistic with the lights and keep you from having to battle hotspots like that because the falloff would be more accurate.

    -basically for the linear workflow, just set all your textures to be sRGB, set the display in the ColorSpace tab to be sRGB, and even your output. It'll make everything look too bright so you'll have to probably start over with all your light settings. Hopefully I told you how to do it right lol. Sometimes I get confused with that linear stuff.

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    Nice stay play with lw renders Good . Kray very fast why u wast ur time ?!!!

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    Kray would be ideal. But You should put one Area light on ceiling for overall soft lighting, use linear workflow, a good tone mapping.
    Also, manage your IES power, they seem too strong.
    You should also use realistic colors for light so it looks more convincing.
    Jovian picker has kelvin colors

    For all objects, avoid spec / gloss and use reflection / reflection blur instead. You can even mask it with a textured alpha mask tou have a non even reflection.

    To get realistic results, use also a rule: all materials 80% to 90% diffuse MAXIMUM.
    Use fresnel or fake it with gradient so it's more reflective outside.
    When using reflection, diffuse + reflection should equal 100% max. It means that if you use 50% reflection, you shouldn't use more than 50% diffuse. Light is Photons, they are energy, you can't spread more light than you get that's a rule to follow for realism.
    Use good GI and also Normal Map instead of bump. Quixo is a great software that helps to make awesome Normal maps from pictures.

    I tried to point you most of the things that would help you achieve realism. It took me a while to figure all these things out and the Kray community has been very kind and helpful. So I hope it will help you.

    Even thought Kray doesn't have all the passes I'd love, it calculates reflection blur very very fast! The way it handles FG is also awesome, you can get fast and convincing results.
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    Looks pretty good. There are some speckles in there. Up your AA settings and/or turn on HDR filtering on any HDR's.

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