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Thread: from final cut pro not support audio...please help me

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    from final cut pro not support audio...please help me

    I'm going to ask re-

    I'm using TriCaster 300, Fianl cut pro Was purchased

    install from my mac ...

    but, Does not support audio.

    Let me know more how to..
    It's really important!
    please help me...!

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    What I do and also suggest to my clients is to run this great Apple Script to re-wrap the MPEG2 to XDCAM mov format;
    Right now it works great with two tracks of audio but it used to fail with four tracks. I have not tested it on four tracks recently so not sure if it was updated.
    The script runs about 10x real-time and it just plain works

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    That's what the "save separate MP3 Audio track" button on the record panel is for. Even though the MPeg2 file has audio in it, the separate MP3 audio allows you to edit the file in FCP right away. You can also render the file in FCP and the audio will show up, but this is VERY time consuming.

    Bob Anderson


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