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Thread: Hypervoxels, the Battle

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    - Light inclusion/exclusion. No more 'two, all, or none'.

    - Envelope Effect Speed.

    - Layer/edit Hyper textures with same features as textures.

    Although HVs are only half the equation.
    Quote Originally Posted by aurora View Post
    ...I would have to place LW on the very bottom of the list

    In PFX:

    - need to have subframe calculation.

    - need to get align to path working correctly.

    - need to get particle size working correctly. Currently, size is ignored until you enable both 'Show Size' (which shows the wrong size) and Output Size, but then HV size is forced to change.

    - need to make Fixed Random work correctly. Currently, clearing motion on an emitter usually causes particle paths to change even though no values have changed. The paths should remain the same so you dont lose what is already working right.

    - need a simple 'start frame' for baked PFX playback. I cant believe this has always been missing.

    - need ability to L-click & drag to 'area' select particles for deletion or editing.

    - Groups are a buggy mess. The more you have, the more they refuse to work. But should really do away with groups altogether. Its more efficient to have inclusion/exclusion checks like we do with lights.

    Groups are limiting. An item in one group can not cross-affect items in other groups. Currently, if I want wind_01 to only affect emitters A, B & C which are each in different groups, I have to clone the wind twice and associate wind_01b to emitter B's group, and wind_01c to emitter C's group. In complex scenes, these cloned groups become a fat mess, and start not respecting their groups. Would be much easier to select/check which items are affected by whichever other items, regardless of groups.

    - needs to be a way to have 'bouncing' particles (and hardFX pieces) come to rest and stop wriggling indefinitely.

    - need ability to have particles split/spawn on bounce/collision.

    - need ability to emit from normals with velocity. Currently, it is impossible to have particles emit in all directions from a mesh. You have to pick one axis.

    - need to have child emitters with low birth rates, emit at an even rate from all parent particles. With low child birth rates, some parent particles do all the emitting while others dont emit at all.

    - need to have disabled winds remain disabled at scene load. While developing a scene I often have winds that are temporarily disabled while I focus on one thing at a time But if I save and load the scene, the disabled winds all become active even though they are still unchecked/disabled. I have to go thru and enable then disable each one to put them back the way they were and continue setting up the scene.

    - Btw, the Cone emitter is exactly the same as a Box emitter. Not needed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aurora View Post
    - Metaball blending for sprite mode
    How you will define a IsoField to blend 2D Squares???. I suspect HV's Sprite mode, at least is obvious when draws on the view ports, is using UV squares draw through a Custom object and simply projecting the sprite texture on them.

    And about the particle limit, did you check if the limit is on PFX itself (hardcoded) or you can create more than 1 million particles with the Particle Systems on LW's SDK?


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