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Thread: I want to help all animators

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    I want to help all animators

    Dear Lightwave friends:

    I want to help all lightwave animators to succeed and get better.
    I do not have much cash, but I got lots of love, animation and time.
    My dream is to help all animators succeed.
    Can you tell me what can I do for this to happen?

    Thank you !!!

    -Mobilis In Mobile-

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    hmm double post much ???? this a forum bug .....we have been over this ? except it was NT

    give me all your money ...develop my me a pint ....or use just Lightwave to the best of your abilities , give someone a job , a lot of artists out of work ....
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    I'd settle for 30 years of steady work doing 9-5 five days a week, at least 3 weeks paid vacation a year, dental etc and get paid enough money I can save for a comfortable retirement.

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    Well, not all animators are artists, that is an important distinction. Allot of companies found that out about a decade ago when the first graduates of animations schools were hired.

    I wanted to be the first black woman in space, but that just didn't work out.

    Thumbs up on the love and the notion.
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    Tell them about the TAG Blog.

    rednova, point every artist you know to the TAG Blog. That blog warned me about the 2007-2008 WGA strike several months before it happened. It introduced me to several amazing animation blogs that are now part of my regular RSS reading. It notified me of a CORALINE screening that gave me a chance to meet the director and ask him questions. It inspired me to learn more about investing and retirement planning.

    It's good stuff, even if it's aimed at animation artists instead of VFX artists.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shrox View Post
    I wanted to be the first black woman in space, but that just didn't work out.
    Hahaha, man that one got me.
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