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Thread: Stubbern textures

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    Stubbern textures

    Hello everyone.

    I have a character that I imported to Lightwave from Daz Studio 4. Now at first I couldn't bring in the character because it was over 400,000 polies... that's not a WHOLE lot but the program would never bring in the geometry, just the materials.

    Then I had the brilliant idea of reducing the polycount in a program called Balancer which pushed it down to 50,000 polygons. I reimported it and the geometry came in fine, but all the different surfaces are all pointing to only the first teture and not all the rest of them. The Deffuse materials all point to deffuse texture 1 and the bump all assign to bump texture one when there are actually about 20+ different deffuse and bump textuers. Why could this be happening?

    I haven't messed with the UV map or anything.

    Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Qemloss 3 is the only poly reducer I know that will not disrupt UVs and weights. But the latest version of LW it works in is 8. Have no idea why there is a less capable qemloss integrated into Modeler.

    I have never seen a Daz model import into LW with all the maps in the right places. Color is ok, but I usually have to manually correct the other channels.

    400k should not be an issue unless you have very little ram. Are you exporting FBX or obj from Daz?
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