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Thread: Siggraph Videos from previous years?

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    Siggraph Videos from previous years?

    I think it would be great if Newtek put up all the Siggraph videos from previous years going back to 2004. There have been some great interviews, demonstrations and tutorials over the years at Siggraph.

    It looks like I can still access the 2008 Siggraph videos which is great! There are some great demonstrations that can no longer be seen like the Taron modeling demo from 2007 and the Timothy Albee stage interview in 2004. There are some great videos on Newtek TV and it would be nice if they add some oldies in there as well.

    Please post on this thread if you would like the old but helpful Siggraph videos put back up on Newtek TV.

    Here is the link to the 2008 videos if anyone is interested.
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    Thanks, I was looking for that interview with Timothy Albee. Great!

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    Thanks for posting that! I was really wanting to see some of those again! Awesome!
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