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Thread: I need harsh and real criticism.

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    I need harsh and real criticism.

    I spent almost a month just trying to get this random face right. I don't know. It's a bit discouraging to be honest. I'm working on the ears and that's really making my brain bleed. Any advice and criticism would help alot. Thanks.

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    first advice would be... post a wireframe screenshot
    Anyway you got something going on there

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    Provide a full-head, not a half one.

    Also show the wireframes (subpatches on). Easiest way to get a wireframe shot is to just make a screengrab in modeler. In fact, since you have no surfacing or lighting to speak of yet, you could jsut aswell take a screenshot from modeler for everything (wires and shaded). A colored background also helps distinguish the silhouette, even in the shadowed/dark areas. A pale cool blue is a popular background color when modeling.

    Feature proportions in relation to the general mass is decent. It's not uncommon for noobs to make the face too large in relation to the skull. The top of head however looks too flat and eyes aren't situated at the center of the face vertically.

    There is not much else to say at this stage imho. The features (or lack thereof) are yet too simple and rough.

    How are you working? Just winging it, or using a reference? Is reference offscreen or as backdrop? Are you using boxmodeling or polygon by polygon technique?
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    Something like this, well, not the best example for a good polygon flow though ...

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    Sorry about that, guys.

    Some of the tutorials i've seen and books always stress the importance of a clean mesh. So i try to model using as little ploy's as i can. I could be wrong and more than likley i am, but that's what i tried to acheive with this woman model.

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    My question is: does it look like the reference?

    Looking like the reference and great polyflow go together.

    So, Let's compare your product with your reference.

    If you have no reference, you can almost never know when you are done. (As some one starting out, that is.)

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    Going through this will put an end to your questions, for the most part - Well done, really. Not for LW, but transfers from Blender easy enough.
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    I would not recommend using a sketch at this point for background reference. Get yourself some good photo reference to work from so you can at least have some accurate reference points to work off of. For good human reference, here is the best place for it (Nudity) Once you feel more comfortable with the modeling process, using sketches for your ideas is fine.

    I've posted a screenshot of a head I did recently if it helps you.

    The best and easiest head modeling tutorial can be found both Inside LightWave 6 and Inside Lightwave 7 books from Dan Ablan(I believe the actual tutorial is from Stuart Aiken). You can buy it for as little as a penny off of Amazon with $3.99 shipping and handling. It's completely worth it. Here's a link to the used copies:
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