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Thread: General Modelling question.

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    General Modelling question.

    I just want to throw this open for some ideas.

    I modelled a phone for a background/mid-ground object in a scene of mine.
    Looknig at it now, many months on, I am, well, let's say, not thrilled at it.
    So I decided to re-model it, but how?

    Do I use polys with stencilled / drilled details.
    Splines to built the details and main shape.
    Metanurbs to get the shape with bevel / knife etc.. for details.

    Given the object, I'm wondering how folks out there would tackle it ..and.. (here's the kicker ) which would you think is the most effective and fastest way to build it?

    I'd be amazed if everyone came up with the same answer

    Here's my model to be replaced anyhow.

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    Well the object is relatively simple. I would just make the base and bevel it to build it up then smooth shift where appropriate.
    I don't see a need to use SubDs for it.



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