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Thread: Help with rigging a motorcycle

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    Help with rigging a motorcycle

    Hi all. I'm rigging my bike, not sure how to go about it. Would appreciate any advice.

    You can see the different parts that are setup. I've already got the wheels turning based on position using Relativity.

    I'd like have the front wheel and shocks slide up and down depending on the rotation bouncing of the bike along the Y axis.

    The part that needs to move is the wheel hub (the blue item). It's set up so it only has to move along Y local axis (it's already rotated into place).

    The gotcha is I want it to end and stop at a point in the up and down, so that if the bike catches air, the wheel will still travel with the bike.

    Any thoughts? Is IK the way to go here? How do I constrain the item to it's local Y axis only?

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    You can't constrain things, manage, or do pretty much anything else on items local or world axis (other than reference those values)... only on their parent axis.

    So what you want to do is create a parent item for the bit you need to move and rotate it appropiately so as the intended items parent axis Y is pointing int he correct direction, and then use the limits option in the position controller tab to limit its range of movement on that axis.
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    Thanks for that. Works great.

    Here's a little demo of the rig in action if anyone is interested.

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    That's pretty cool! Nice bike too
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