I have just done a presentation job in a smaller venue which had three 4x3 screens and the output of the XD850 was feed into a Barco DCS-200 for distribution to the projectors. My session format was 1080 50i and the house operator of the Barco could not get the signal to rescale to send to the projectors saying that the Tricaster XD850 was producing a non standard signal. The signal from the Tricaster would lock in and scale correctly if I only switch the camera inputs. When I played out any of the sponsors clips from DDR 1 or 2 the scaling would be lost. To cut a long story short after trying all the output options from the AUX out, I had to take the XD850 out of service because the show had to start. I recorded to compact flash in each camera and used my MacPro to play the sponsors clips from the timeline. Not what I wanted but it got the show done I just needed an extra pair of hands.

Strange the signal from the Decklink card in the Mac had had no issue in scaling the 1080/50i in Barco DCS-200. I also had a previous project that I had played out successfully through a Extron ISS506 Fader switcher and it also would not scale correctly as well.

I would really appreciate any info if anyone has used this Barco switcher or have had experience with this type of situation,

Many thanks