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Thread: Art space

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boris Goreta View Post
    Yikes, this looks too good. Lighting and surfaces are a treat for the eye. A friend just bought a render plugin for rendering interiors, then I showed him your renders. Enough said. I don't know why people think LW is not capable in that department.

    Why do you tonemap the renders so drastically ? Don't you use sRGB color space ? I use tonemapping just to tweak the image a bit. I get nice light balance when rendering in sRGB, can't get blown highlights even when cranking the lights in the 100 - 500% range.
    I just like to have more control over the gamma. I feel like I get better contrast if I do the adjustments in post rather than use lw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danner View Post
    When it's off, radiosity rays compute the painting but not the wall that is behind it. In this case it can contaminate the wall with the brightnes or color values of the painting, making the wall bright and colored instead of dark from the radiosity "occlusion".
    Very clear, thanks


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