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Thread: Art space

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    Lovely work, so many superb scenes.
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    Usually I tonemap my wip images which are low res no aa. Since I''ve been using lw 10 though I can get a better idea of the final by using the built in gamma correction in the vpr. It's still not as good as tonemapping in a separate program, but it really helps when I'm surfacing.

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    Otacon, I'm not sure if you know about this, but dpkit + dpfilter can help get your test output even closer to your external tonemapping application

    I'll just put this here in case it helps anyone

    Install dpfilter + dpkit then
    1. Ctrl + f8 > Add image filter > Node image filter
    2. Add node. Dpkit > Processing > Render buffer
    3. Add node. Dpkit > Processing > Tone map (its a reinhard tone map)
    4. Connect Render Buffer Color > Tone Map and from Tone map to Imagefilter
    5. Test render. You can then use viper (f7) to tweak the tone map node if you want

    You can even mix an exposure tone map (Dpkit > Processing > Exposure) with the reinhard tone map like Kray Render does.

    You dont get to see this in realtime in VPR (although you will see it as sRGB like you do now), but it's better than having to launch another app to tone map.
    Id love to eventually see realtime image filter support in VPR!
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    I prefer the detail shots,they are really great!
    The full image have great light and composition but maybe is a bit empty.
    Thanks for the settings!

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    Yeah it occurs to me that since they have a display CS, it would be nice if they could handle tonemapping in it as well!

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    is this the best pure LW render quality i ever saw... now... rendertime? what rendertime?
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    Thanks. Render time was maybe 45 min if I remember. Thats on a pretty fast machine, dual quad core.

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    Woow, Not so many people can render like this in LW. Have you used Occlusion?

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    What are your antialiasing settings? Can they work one animated?

    HP Z800 Win 7 x64
    LW11.0.3 x64
    Bi-Quad Xeon E5530 2.40 GHZ
    16 cores Hyperthreaded
    20GB Ram
    Nvidia Quadro FX 4800 1.5GB / CUDA 192 cores
    Dual screen HP LP2475w

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    I used a bit of AO. AA settings were 8 passes, .034 adaptive sampling, .18 oversample.

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    another question coming up...
    the room where the chair is, is the sealing not white, it seems to have yellowish color in it, while the rest of the room has white and blueish midtones...?

    just wondering if the differences should be that strong... (if going for realism)

    (ok, think i get it now, the effect happened in post... :]

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    It is good,but remind me to hospital! sooo white!

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    excellent as usual. Can i ask some questions ?
    - why dont you use gradients in you GI settings ?
    - what kind of improvement do you see in this scene using Behind Test ?


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    Thanks. I normally turn on use gradients, I'm not sure why it's off. I think I forgot to click it when I was setting up the scene. I don't know if there is any advantage to using behind test in this scene. I tend to always keep it checked because I'm unsure of the exact effect it has...just have not tested it much.

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    "Use Gradients enables gradient interpolation"

    hm, does this make things flicker less in animations?
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