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Thread: IRC and FTP Service Anouncment

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    Arrow IRC and FTP Service Anouncment

    A couple of services have been added for the LightWave community.

    IRC (Internet Relay Chat)

    A chat area has been added for general Lightwave discussion,
    LScript and plug-in Help and talk about Lightwace 3D in relation
    to game development.

    Here's how to get there:

    [list=1][*]Download mIRC from[*]Install it.[*]Start it up and connect to the server named ETG ("Enter The Game")[*]If the Join Popup doesn't display select "Commands" -> "Join Channel" from the pull-down menus and enter #LW3D.[*]Enjoy![/list=1]

    FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

    If you're familiar FTP internet storage areas one has been added
    for your use free of charge. Use it to share textures, rendered
    pics, opjects, LScripts, and/or tutorials etc. - Anything Original or
    that you have permission to distribute (LW related).

    Here's one way to use it:

    [list=1][*]Click and select "Open" not "Save".[*]Follow the installation instructions that follow.[*]Start it up and enter in the address entry area at top.[*]Check the "Anonymous" checkbox and click on the connect Icon.[*]Navigate to the "Upload" folder.[*]Upload a .bat file to create your subfloder structure or if you're
    unfamiliar with bat files you may simply upload a text file in
    plain english explaining what folders you would like to create
    This process can also be used for maintaince later on if you wish
    to delete, move or rename previously created files and folders.[/list=1]

    It's a good idea to keep your subfolder structure organized
    with the use of sensical folder and file names. A good
    example folder structure might be:

      1. |-Upload
        | |
        | |-YourUserName
        | | |
        | | |-BitMaps
        | | | |-Renders
        | | | |-Textures
        | | | |-Reference_Photos
        | | | |-Screen_Shots
        | | | |-Etc
        | | |
        | | |-Objects_And_Scenes
        | | | |-Project_01
        | | | |-Project_02
        | | | |-Project_03
        | | | |-Etc
        | | |
        | | |-Tutorials_And_Tips
        | | | |-Human_Head
        | | | |-HyperVoxel_SpaceClouds
        | | | |-Etc
        | | |
        | | |-Etc
        | |

    or something similar. It doesn't have to follow this exact
    format. You can just use your common sense. Please do
    make sure that you use only one "UserName" folder and
    only use your own.

    Once your folders and files are in place you may post links
    to them in EMails, on Web Pages, or in News Groups such

    ---> FTP://

    That's it. Please enjoy these services and restrict it to legitimate
    Lightwave related usage! Please take some time to read the
    docs of the mIRC and SmartFTP programs that you downloaded
    here if you followed the steps above. For mIRC help you can
    type "/help" after connecting.
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    VFX CG Supervisor Mike_RB's Avatar
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    Feb 2003
    there are already LW irc channels. #Lightwave and #Lighwavers on efnet (or was it dal)...

    my personal company:
    the people I've worked for:

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    I don't want to offend anyone so I won't say anything other than to repeat and reinforce the initial service announcement above.

    Thank you,

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    Hey cool thing that ftp !
    Are there some size limitation ?
    You are a pluggin
    About me

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    Thank you for your kind comments.

    Currently there are a only () few terrabytes allocated to FTP storage. So far, in my expirience, people in the USA and UK max out at about 15k/sec. There can usually be about 30 people on at that speed before thing start to clog. Anyway at 15K/sec or 20K/sec. really large files (larger than 20 or 30 megs) aren't really feasible.

    Thank you,

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    Sounds fairly enough !
    Quite generous, thanx a lot
    You are a pluggin
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    Hey Tess,

    You finally made it over here. Stick around there are many interesting threads going on here.


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    Beyond Reality WizCraker's Avatar
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    Clovis New Mexico
    A few TBytes, hmm that should be full in a couple of days.

    "'s just an update for the patch to fix the nerf that nerfed the fix for the update of the patch that broke the fix that was fixed."

    Late 2013 MacPro 12 Core

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    Thanks for the warm welcome JS....

    That felt good!

    Oh no! They don't have a smiley with a halo here! What am I gonna do?

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    hey tess !!!

    you found your way to the LW forums.
    Great !!!!

    thanks for the info's

    edit: damn, I thought I was original. Anyways, the warm welcome is from me 2 then

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    Wow! I'm starting to feel special!

    And hey you and JS gotta find your ways over to that IRC
    channel! Lots of cool tallent there! There's PelDaddy
    with his Skate project:

    and RCFX who is working on a film "Helix" and worked on
    both Dune films, Max Steel, Dan Dare and jeez more cool
    projects than I can name here!

    There's a game developer (big secret!), 2 .p plugin developers,
    an LScript beginner learning there online! And of course it
    wouldn't be complete without the "KING OF HAIR" - Rowsby:

    I'll be looking out for ya... #LW3D - Fun stuff man!

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    Is the IRC server experiencing down time?

    I ask because maybe it is my end?
    I'm trying to avoid installing the 30-day mIRC.
    I'm - for the first time - trying to use my Trillian client to connect
    to #LW3D in EnterTheGame, USA
    and it keeps telling me "couldn't resolve Hostname."

    Trillian users?
    Or did I simply catch #LW3D at a bad time?

    Thank you for any help.
    [URL=]3D Fight Club[/URL] | [URL=]M-A LWUG[/URL] | [URL=]Flay[/URL] | [URL=]FONT[/URL]

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    Hi Bones,
    • Ummm, ya go ahead anf get the mIRC. It "says" 30 days... and
      indeed there is a moral obligation to at least intend to register
      after that time. But it doesn't stop working after 30 days if you
      decide to continue using it. mIRC in it's default configuration
      will try every server on the network till it finds one that is up.
      And automaticall reconnects if dropped in the same way. So
      that's one reason I recommended mIRC.

      Trillian I've never used so I can't say. Many people say how
      great it is so I'm sure there something to that. I think Trillian
      can use mIRC somehow though if you want to use Trillian.

      The way IRC seems to work the #LW3D "channel" is carried
      on (by) many different "servers" that combined form the
      "network" called ETG (irc.enterthegame.*). Servers go down
      sometimes but maybe never the entire network (many servers)
      and therefore the channel will always be up. Since it's a game
      network for players, clans, and developers there will be times
      maybe once or twice a year, when several games release at the
      same time that the whole network will get bogged down for a
      few hours.

      Anyway, more than likely it's on your end. Just go for the mIRC
      and it'll become easy. I like easy. Easy: good!

    Thank you,

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    I'm going to be on the road for the next 3 weeks. Then 1 month of post production, then 14 days holiday.

    So browsing will be limited to the newsgroup and forums I'm afraid. When I get back I promise I'll get into that IRC channel.

    If ever someone's around in the Dominican Republic first 14 days of december, drop me a line and we might get together and chat some LW.

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    Awesome! Three weeks of fun then good times for a month and
    then you get to KBMO for fourteen days? Whatta life! Wanna
    trade? Just for like the next 9 weeks???

    Guess not huh? Well take some pics for all us nine to fivers!

    Where's your road trip taking ya? Or is it one of those ridding
    wild on the highways destinationless and free things?


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