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Thread: 1001 ways to use LW and Blender together

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    Tried some particle collision effectors in lightwave to spawn particles, particle scan to mdd, and it works nicely.
    Still have some research to do wether or not it is not worth it, or if I will be able to utilize the particle effects in lightwave to such extent that it fills in what is harder for me to do with particles alone in blender.
    You can spawn particles with the older legacy collision system on any other object it hits, or use particles themself to die out and create new particles that could serve as explosion creation, or dust kicking up.

    Hereīs some settings to keep in mind when you apply your blender particles on top of the mdd particles from lightwave, the blender particles should serve as replacement and only follow the mdd particles so fluids can be generated inside of blender.
    Not ready to show the results yet I want better scene case setups before I do that

    Pipeline lightwave particles to blender...(mdd particles are not recognizable as particles in blender, you just use them as placeholders and replace them by overlaying blender particles on to them)

    - Use Dp particle scan, and save as Mdd.
    - Check save lwo
    - Import the lwo saved file from the particle scan dialog.
    - Use mesh cache modifier, not importer.
    (importer brings on shape keys)

    - Set cache to forward up axis to +z and -x and flip axis to y.

    Particle settings..

    - Emission number, try match that of lightwave.
    - Start:0
    - End:0
    - Emit from verts.
    - Physics:no
    - Render billboard scale 0,378 (just for visual opengl feedback to see if blender particles lines up with the mdd particles=

    Apply quick smoke, change flow from smoke to fire and smoke, change source from mesh to particle, and select the blender particle scene and play timeline.
    You most likely need to turn on high resolution and smoke adaptive domain.

    Erikals covers the basics for the export and import of mdd, but this dummy above is for the appliance of blender particles on top of that.

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    Cool, nice to know that it works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marander View Post
    My opinion / experience with various apps and plugins:

    RealFlow - I don't have it. Hmm currently 50% off... But I don't need it and I remember some kind of node locked and online licensing.
    I just read over at the Realflow foum that all the engineers left, so people are jumping to Houdini etc instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by erikals View Post
    Cool, nice to know that it works.

    Yes, you could use it when parenting or linking collision when these hits break these pieces, at the very moment they will spawn particles in that area, depending on the size of the collision object, you would only need an initial burst, and that will serve as particle generated fluid emission..and finalized as explosive fluids in blender.

    And itīs also possible to use flocking for some cool motion and the same there apply collision objects on top of that, I think.

    Old pfx, not really tested the full workflow, but it should work for generating particle burst on hits if done as I mentioned above, and there shouldnīt be a problem with that serving as mdd and particle replacement and fluids in blender.

    will try some of that upcoming week I think.
    Got some liquid stuff to deal with as well.
    got some quality rendering issues I need to deal with in lightwave..and a lot lot more.

    I think I need to prep for the winter with a 3D schedule as we talked about experimenting without goals or visions or a plan.

    Even though I experimented with gas solver and some very interesting things in there, itīs just to crude in terms of UX, framework..speed and quality and setting up the shaders etc, far easier to work with the fluids and fire and smoke in blender.
    TurbulenceFD I always had crash issues with, extremely slow curve shading handling including crashing, extremely slow multiple scattering calculation, and the fact itīs is itīs own seperate shader and not pbr.
    It would also mean bigger cost for TFD, and you would probably need to get Octane as well for a decent experience, or a super cpu equiped computerf.

    That I would only do if I worked proffesionally, had the money or got sponsored to invest in it, so currenly fluids fire and smoke in Lighwtave is out of the question, unless something really interestin ghappens with the stagnated TFD version, but that isnīt enough either, it needs to be clear where lightwave will be as well.

    Apart from that, TFD can be nice to work with, calculation speed beats blender fluids, some noise controls and the fire shader is easy to work on as well, though the lack of PBR, it can most likely deal with larger cache files as well than blender does.

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