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Thread: 1001 ways to use LW and Blender together

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    For anyone that regulary uses Lightwave and Blender together, and wish to continue do so so and not excluding the other etc, I would recommend changing the basic shortcuts for lightwave size, both in modeler and layout to simply "s" that will probably make it easier for you as well in Lightwave to brain connect to size with "s" ..and since blender already have that setup as default shortkeys, you will now be working with two environments working the same with sizing.

    Screw "s" for save will not use it as much as size anyway.
    So when changing size of anything in Lightwave and blender ..all you have to remember is "s" unless entering skin mode in blender, where "s" will size the segment such an edge, but it will not size the actual skin in proportion, when you select a point in a segment with a skin modifier, and want to scale up that as a joint, you should use ctrl-a

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