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Thread: 1001 ways to use LW and Blender together

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    Quote Originally Posted by erikals View Post

    Is this classic lwo, or lwo2018 ?

    Looks really powerful !
    Seems to be able to import Curves ?
    it’s wicked and the maya one is just the same. tested both and work well.

    i’m using lwo2, which is good as
    lwo3 isn’t supported as well in other apps.

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    Just an FYI, it will import a normal LW curve, but if you use LWCAD, the nurb curve from that will crash it, so you either need to convert to polys using the appropriate LWCAD function, or remove them from the file and save a copy for Blender import.
    Other than that, yup, it pulls in the old LWO files pretty well. As with the other older LWO import however, it doesn't handle ngons gracefully every time. If there are too many points, you end up with the edges but no face.
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    Thanks, Good info.  
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