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Thread: Asian Girl

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    lovely skin texture and the eyse look realy good. Great work dude!

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    etobiason: No problem, once the model is completed I wil post more from different angles.

    bluerider,lardbros: thanks! after I posted second pic, I got more replies. I have been concentrating on human skin for very long time. Unfortunately, we don't a very good SSS shader for human skin, such as Mental Ray fast skin shader. hope newtek will give us a nice skin shader with LW9.

    nthused: ya, the bump map is too strong, I lowered the bump level.

    Treybor, Werner: Thanks!

    another updated version, I modified the eyes,eyelashes, and eye sockets.

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    I also started to build the body, here is wireframe.

    The topology is based on "freedom-of-teach". Since It is too muscular so I simplified it and changed the topolgoy. and, the shape of palms is inspired by Poser's character, I think that is one of the best palms I ever seen.

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    Great poly flow there. I'm duly impressed.
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    F#@*ing SWEET!
    This is quality!
    Keep up the incredible work!!!!!

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    LOL, now I'm on a mac I can see how good those eyes are.
    I'm in awe of your work on this one, keep it up.
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    Like how you have treated the polys around the Knee joints and elbows. The design is awesome
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    Great Work! Will Stalk this one for its progress!
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