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Thread: Page Crawl: Ticker Tape Style

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    Page Crawl: Ticker Tape Style


    I am trying to do a page crawl. I have created the crawl (like a ticker tape crawl) in Live Text. I save it as a CG and then loaded that CG into a Speed Edit project. The crawl works at pretty much the same speed as I created it and want it from Live Text. However I can't change the length of that crawl. When I add length to the clip, the text barely moves. It dramatically has slowed down.

    Reading in the forums I have tried to use "clip properties" and lengthen the clips time. I have tried to stretch the clip on the time line.....also stretch it will holding down ALT, CTRL, and shift. None of those have any impact on keeping the scroll rate at the original pace.

    I would appreciate any help with maintaing the original speed that I created the page with.

    Lastly, is it possible to control the pace of the crawl in different frames. I would like to be able to go into the control tree and adjust the pace but when i looked in the control tree, not one of the choices is checked...I cannot find where the crawl controls are? If they exist.

    Thank you for your time.


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    Hi Mike,
    I am trying to do similar thing .
    I can do it in VT5 Speededit or VT5 CG Designer, not in SE v1.5 not sure on SE2 standalone.
    Anyone is this possible in SE2 standalone
    Import ASCII text and specify number of text lines to a page break.
    Mike, PM me if you wish to chat on the phone.
    Ken Weaver
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