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Thread: Animate Curve

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    Animate Curve

    Creating a curve/path in LW, and you have this ball where you want to throw it and it should follow gravity somewhat accurate. To create a good effect for this you can animate object to follow a curve.

    Anyone have a good tutorial for it?
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    You mean you want to create a physically accurate path of a ball which is thrown, is that correct? If so, I'd probably use HardFX, and animate a collision object to 'hit' the ball. Then use the "Makepath" command to extract a path. (Then you'd probably need to do some manual editing to animate the start of the throw.)

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    what serget said...
    but if you want to go along an ondd way...

    -Plot1D (using x^2 function)
    -Select how many points you want starting from the base (keyframes) and Trim
    -Rotate 180º and you got the trajectory going up.
    -Mirror it and you got the trajectory going up and down.

    If you put the starting point on the origin and the Action Center mode to origin you can control x velocity and y velocity with stretch tool, for those given keyframes.

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