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Thread: Critical Computer Issue!! Corrupts all Data on all Hard Drives You Have.

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    Has anyone tried looking at the event viewer?
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    If it is a virus/malware it is something that Eset, Kaspersky, F-prot, Avast and AVG do not detect which is a slim chance.
    Viruses (viri?) are written to disable the popular antivirus programs all the time.
    It's beginning to look like a rootkit, which can be extremely nasty & hard to find & get rid of.
    Time to do some research.(I've never had to deal with one of these personally but rootkit revealer:
    Is a good place to start.)
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    I had the problem with lightwave 9.6 just after installing Window 7 64bit Sp1 !!!
    The good news: this is definitly not Lightwave 10's fault
    The bad news: acording to me, Win 7 Sp1 is the problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dualboot View Post
    It isn't hardware for me with 99.9% of certainty. I'm running two different configurations, one with nvidia and one with ATi card, one with p5q asus board and one with p5k Asus Board one with XP x64 and one with Windows 7 x64. Both of these machines suffer only when Lightwave 10 is active.
    I'm not so sure.

    1) Please download and run CoreTemp. Let's see what your CPU temps are when under a full render.

    2) download and run SpeedFan. It can reveal voltage levels.

    3) go here and truthfully input what you have running.
    - note the answer..

    4) next go to this calculator - Note the answer.

    If both answers are over 650 watts, your PSU is absolutely to blame, no questions about it. If the number is over 650 you MUST BUY A MORE POWERFUL SUPPLY.

    Note: do NOT buy ANY powersupply that is under $100. That's my rule of thumb. Another telltale sign is if the supply is LIGHTWEIGHT (though some manufacturers put in lead weights). Read reviews.

    How do I know? I have a 750 Watt. I kept getting a blue screen. The calculators said I needed a 751 watt power supply. Hmm.. So I unplugged ONE hard drive (these take a lot of power, you know!) - blue screens stopped entirely.

    Something else to know - the Nvidia FERMI series cards (460, 560, quadro 2000, quadro 4000, etc) are extremely PICKY, PICKY, PICKY about voltages. They want perfect, clean, absolute power. Seriously. Not a single momentary fluctuation of any degree of undervoltage or overvoltage. If they get any variance in the amount of voltage received, they WILL blue screen the computer. If Windows happens to be writing something to disk... blam -

    But we aren't done yet.

    5) take the computer apart and RESEAT every cable, card, board and connector aside from the CPU itself. Any dust? Computers are awesome vacuum cleaners. Compressed air! FWOOSH! Don't forget to blow out the actual slots because dust can settle into a slot even if the card is inserted!

    6) If the CPU is overheating (by reading CoreTemp) you might benefit from reapplying thermal paste of a high quality and/or considering a far beefier heatsink. I'm talking Thermaltake V8 type monster or BETTER, like water cooling. Problem with water cooling is that you then still have to put in a few fans to keep the rest of the components cool. Computers, despite what you may think, like to BREATHE and have access to FLOWING AIR.

    7) now go get a copy of SPINRITE 6.0. Burn a Disc, boot the computer and have it RIGOROUSLY check your drives. This WILL TAKE at least ONE DAY if not more. Plan on not using your computer for at least a day. Once done, then download and install updated virus and malware checking utilities. Run them.

    One thing is for sure. I can guarantee you with all certainty that Lightwave is absolutely not to blame. If you were to run ANY other 3D application the SAME thing would happen. If you were to download and run Crysis or Crysis 2 on "everything turned on" settings, your computer would do the SAME thing. Don't believe me? Try it. Get 30 day trials of 3ds max, Mudbox and zbrush. Run 'em ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Get the demo of crysis. Run that while rendering. I'll make you a bet your computer will BARF and corrupt!

    I notice you are being a mite defensive because you are convinced it is Lightwave. It is not. It is your computer. It needs you to tend to its needs, it is letting you know that it is not in top shape.
    please power off before disconnecting connecting connectors

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    Another silm possibility is that the LW 10 exe has been compromised with a virus that is not being detected.

    Another possibility is that it is Windows 7 SP1. Disconnect from the internet and try a fresh install of Windows 7 build 2600 with NO PATCHES. None, zero, straight from the original Win7 CD and that's IT. Latest drivers. Get a SOLID install. Once done, use IMAGING SOFTWARE to clone this.

    Now install Lightwave 10 and your other software. Run them hard. Does the problem remanifest?

    Keep in mind I still want you to test that PSU and hardware. You HAVE to complete that stage first. It isn't the quality of your hardware that is at issue here, it is the fact that it might be DAMAGED from problems such as overheating, loose cables / intermittent connections or undervoltage conditions.
    please power off before disconnecting connecting connectors

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    Here's a bit of advice.

    1. Don't run anti-virus on your main box. Given enough time, an antivirus program will decide to eat important system software or your important programs.

    Use a 2nd box to run anti-virus on, and any files you bring in, check them on that machine.

    2. Be religious about updating Flash and get rid of Acrobat (use instead). Flash and Acrobat are the vectors used to get into your machine now-a-days by the bad guys.

    3. Read and turn flash off when there is an un-patched vulnerability (about every few weeks).

    4. If you really want to get uptight, read this on the current zero day issues:

    5. Use Firefox or Googe's Chrome. IE is evil. With Firefox, be SURE to install NoScript - and keep scripting OFF for most sites.

    6. Listen to this security podcast religiously. Skype was mentioned recently with a bug that allows the bad guys to take over your machine - that remained unpatched for a while. There are archives that go back to the beginning, which would be useful if you want to understand security.

    7. Be afraid, be very afraid.

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    I have been around computers for a very long time, I know perfectly well what are possible problems with under powered PSU, and systematic destruction of all data hooked to computer is not possible that way. I went and checked recommended Wattage for my Box, it is 478 Watts under full(100%) CPU, and GPU(100%) utilization if that will ease Your mind, remove 20% from 650 Watt PSU and it is still 40 Watts above clearance. Of course, Lightwave never uses both CPU and GPU to the max at the same is either GPU or CPU.

    I did scan my computer from fully updated Rescue Disks made by F-Prot nad Kaspersky, this means nothing could disable them since everything is done from Boot Linux System and nothing has been found.

    I checked my Drives with a utility similar to Spinrite called HDD Regenerator. Everything was in perfect order.

    I have played Crysis 2 on Full in 1920x1200 for ~2 weeks, nothing happened, no crash, no BSOD and no Data corruption.

    I do not use IE, just Opera with built in noscript like functionality.

    I'm running 9.6 for a while now on the same box and have no problems.

    If this was Windows 7 x64 SP1 or Windows Xp x64 problem, be certain that Microsoft would be on this with speed of avoid probable millions of dollars lawsuits from corporate world, and yet no one mentions anything about such bugs existing in Windows 7 SP1 and Xp x64 SP2.

    If this is not Lightwave I am lost to what it is, since no one knows anything about it...

    ...even Internet has no recollection that this happened to anyone, anywhere, anytime...apart form here happening to at least 4 people.
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    Go TEAM VAD!! \/

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    One guy decided to avoid the problem by using lightwave on Ubuntu.

    go read:

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    Hello there!
    You're not alone, I'm suffering the same problem, see my post:

    Missing icones, missing licenses, desktop image gone (reset to win drfault) and everything without even restarting. Its seems to me that It happens after a LW 10 crash. (happened 4-5 times till now!)
    Only on my Win 7 64 bit machine. Lw 9.6 runs fine and never gave me any problem. I just restored my system from a previous backup and don't use LW 10 anymore for now. As soon as I re-install It, the problem re-appears. I'm sure It's connected to LW 10. It might be a combination of things that LW 10 triggers, I don't know how deep LW 10 is implicated.... hum!

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    Check the max power consumption of your system vs the max possible output of your Power Supply. It is possible that LW10 is causing your GPU and CPU to eat more power than LW9.6 does and revealing a possible flaw in your Power Supply.

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    To me it looks exactly like the thing Nanogator posted!
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    Try these free tools from Microsoft: The first is very new and I doubt very many people know about it.

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    BTW, I just noticed that both documents hard drives (2T docs + 3T backup) are in fact corrupted, all the files in there are messed up. Hard to swallow!!! I don't get It how in just a minute everything in that computer can get corrupted! I can restore the c drive because of Win 7 back up system but the rest is gone for good.

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    I have been experiencing this issue. Yesterday I was working with Lightwave 10.1 on windows 7 x64, (layout - texture baking) and suddenly desktop and taskbar icons gone, all links are broken. I rebooted windows and the problem was still there. Today all images on my computer are corrupted, I have just tried to upload a jpg to a linux box via lan but ubuntu cannot open it (header error 0x2 or something like that). I'm going to format windows, I know it's quite impossible but I suspect Lightwave is guilty in some way.

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