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Thread: Modo 501 demo- something feels wrong!

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    Modo 501 demo- something feels wrong!

    I just canīt understand the marketing aproach when releasing demos like this..

    some time ago I was about to test modo 401 to see if it could fit our production line, unfortunatly it was only a 15 day demo and I got to much job to handle at that time and the demo of course expired before I got the chance to test it properly, I was ranting about that then, that they should instead extend their demo version or limit it in another way.

    I see now that thereīs a demo out for the 501 version, and itīs ....a 15 day trial, but if you pay 25$ can get as much as 30 day trial.??

    What can I say.. absolutly fantastic..or what do you think?


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    dont you also get some Training videos and access for 30 days to the asset sharing system?

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    I am not defending the paid demo but don't you get the money back via discount if you purchase a license? I bought my license at 203 before they started doing the demo like this. I downloaded the trial then they sent me a $200 discount offer when the trial expired, not sure if they still do this or if it was simply a one off thing and I was lucky.

    If I remember rightly though I used my LW license as a cross-grade and got the same $200 discount, again not sure if they still do this???

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    You can also request an extension of the trial period, even with the "free" 9non paying version, that is...) demo, and they will allow you to extend the trial period for some more time (perhaps 15 or 30 days, i don't remember exactly at the moment...).

    Just have to ask i would say, they are pretty cool with that.

    Laurent aka Tartiflette


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