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Thread: Connect iMac to Tricaster Studio

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    Connect iMac to Tricaster Studio

    I would like to connect my iMac to my Tricaster Studio so that I can play videos edited in Final Cut right from Final Cut without having to waste time and quality using Compressor to output the project to an AVI file that the Tricaster likes.

    Here is what I would like to do. Using an apple mini displayport to VGA adapter out of my iMac, I would like to take the VGA into an Extron DVS 304 scaler and then take the BNC component output (which is switchable to any component video signal and is currently set to Y, Y-R, Y-B) into one of the inputs on my Tricaster Studio. The Extron scaler will take the 720p signal coming out of the iMac and down convert it to a 480p signal. I tested this by plugging this into a TV that accepts a Y, Y-R, Y-B signal and it works great. When I plug it into the Tricaster and make sure the input is set to component the picture rolls horizontally and is off center vertically. (I realize that I should be asking this question to Extron and will do so.)

    So my question is two part, does anyone know why the tricaster is being finicky about the signal (really? A tricaster finicky? Never ) and part two is, has anyone tried connecting a mac directly into a tricaster to playback directly from Final Cut and how did you do it.

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    Sounds like it is output is HD and not SD. Double check the scaler is set right. The TV you used, is it a HD TV? If so, that will not work well to test the SD output unless it has the ability to display the resolution when you press menu or onto on the remote (some TV's display the input res when you do this).
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    Jose is correct 480p is not the same as 480i that the SD TriCasters need. 480p is technically ED (enhanced definition, which is what all of the TV makers called it when they were trying to dump older inventory when HD was announced and they could not sell the inventory, many people bought into it and were very unhappy to find out they did not just buy a HD tv for only $400)
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