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Thread: Freezing particles in place?

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    Freezing particles in place?


    I have have a group of static particles generated. Then wishing to rotate the group. My method has been to rotate the emitter. However, rotating the emitter immediately causes the group of otherwise static particles to begin dispersing - kind of a centrifuge - which is not what I want. Rather I want them to remain static relative to each other.
    I've tried turing weight of particles to zero, particle motion to zero, velocity to zero. No Difference. Parent motion to zero - and they then won't rotate with the emitter.

    Any ideas?


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    envelope the gravity channel?
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    The particles unwanted movement is both outwards and circular.

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    If you want to rotate around the particles without them moving you can set up multiple cameras to render the same frame so you can see the particles from as many vantage points as you want. Its how they did the whole freeze trinity in mid-air and rotated around her trick in the matrix.

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    yes, I think that will be the solution

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    there also is the time warp plugin,
    (hm, found no info about it in the manual)
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    It works for me when I save the PFX, then keyframe the rotation of the emitter, and set the Playback mode of the PFX to "Key".


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