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Thread: control protocol for 3Play 820?

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    control protocol for 3Play 820?

    Is there any way to give external play and cue commands to the 820? I'm thinking of industry standards like AMP, GVG or Sony protocols?

    Most switchers (non Newtek, but Panasonic, Ross, GVG, ...) support play and cue-next commands to external videoservers when you cut them on air. It would be nice if the 3Play 820 could be controlled like that: the 820 operator cues a slomo on channel A or B, while the play-commando comes form the switcher.

    Is that an option?

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    Not present at the moment, but it's certainly an interesting topic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SBowie View Post
    interesting topic.
    I would say that it is a mandatory topic and needs to be addressed.


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    Control of 3Play 820

    Our Master Control system has extensive support for control of 3Play 820, as well as XD300/850/850E.
    Master Control... One Touch Does it All and Much More...

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