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Thread: Sony Z5U and MRC1K Help Needed

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    Sony Z5U and MRC1K Help Needed

    For those of you who may have a Sony Z5U and the companion MRC1K Memory Recording is my problem.

    The camera and unit will record about 20 minutes of video (32 gig flash card) and then start a new clip. The problem is that there is...perhaps...a 1 second break between clips.

    This make recording any thing long...impossible.

    Is there a way or perhaps a setting that I am missing. If I need to record a 2 hour presentation, you would think it would be just one long clip.

    Please help, I'm at a total loss!!


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    Sounds like you've run into the same 4GB limit of Fat32 storage media that a number of us have Ron . See starting at post #11 on page 1. As I said there, our Sony HDR-XR500 came with utility software that will stitch those files together if it is used to transfer them from the camera to computer.
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    Scott is right. The files wil not stitch together seamlessly on the timeline because of the mpeg codec. You're missing the virtual frames. We use the Memory Record Unit Utility available on the Sony Broadcast website. It works great with our s270 cameras and the compact flash media. I just plug the card into my reader on the computer and bypass the MRU. No installation needed on windows. Just double click the file. It also works great on Macs with install to FCP.

    I found the utility under the options listed for the camera on it's info page on Sony. It's free.
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